May 25, 2010

.:Show your ineterest:.

Salam…tetiba jer rase nak jot down something so-called important for me.

Not to critic others but want to improve my social skill especially in communication field.

First and foremost, ask yourself Anim:

· What do you feel when your friend doesn’t pay attention on your speech?

· What do you feel when your friend is talking while you’re explaining something important?


Then, ask yourself:

· Did you put 100% focus on your friend’s speech?

· Did you respond them correctly?

If no, don’t take heart! You deserve it, and believe me that people also would step out. In order to make people listen to us, listen to them first, that is my favorite quote from my friend. This theory also can be applied to this “In order to gain respect from others, respect them first”. Simple right!

Lets me share some of the tips on how showing interest.

Well we can show that we are interested and paying attention by;

1. Making eye contact à not too obvious la..Staring and gazing should be avoided. Just enough by look at a time so that they comfortable to us. Who knows that they would trust on us more in future!

2. Nodding your heads à this is minimum respond that we should give when people explaining, giving ideas and even critiquing us. This action can stimulate and increase their passion to talk more about themselves and even can reveal their top-top secrets! *sight*

3. Using specific words/ expressions like:

· Really?

· Yeah?

· I see?

· And?

· Oh?

· Oh yeah?

· Mmm-hmm

· Oh no!

· And so-on

Good luck and selamat beramal!

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