Oct 18, 2011

The Sisterhood

For as long as I could remember, on 2009, the 3 of us shared many things all together.
simple taught....
qoute of wisdom...
even problems...

Together and apart, it was bunch of memory I'm living with. We are growing and every each of us formed one single, complete person @21 years old! 

shy, beutiful eyes, and unstoppable Nolly.
wild, unpredictable, and softhearted Cimot
and me the rebel!

I believed that the sisterhood could survive anything if and only if we are stick strong to hold onto our little faith. Seemed we discuss it many times and for me it remarkable! 
....and the rest we had to learn on our own
How to become ourselves without loosing faith and keep closing to Him.

In the name of Allah The Most Merciful
may Allah bless you always friends. 

I wish that this is enough, I know you worth more than this post Nolly for birthday present.
.:Happy Birthday Nurliana! living here for the hereafter! Ukhwah till jannah.:.

my dear Cimot, be strong okay in everything. You frequently in hard time. Allah will reward you fairly.

**p/s: The man who decided to change on the 12th hour dies on the 11th.


Nolie said...

Thanx hanim for the wish...but make me happy is ur doa to me...it means a lot..May Allah bless us..10q again..

cimOt said...

boring giler aku ni..asyik nak nanges je kan..hahaha..dishonest laughter..

btw, thanx a lot for lend ur everything to me..hanya Allah yg mbalasnya..