Feb 16, 2011

Pick any title you like..

Salam.. i have a story to story with you all.

It all began when we planned to go for outing. for? for random activities. everyone does it oke! we rent a ViVa with RM6 per hour. FYI we here to play a kite hahaha since we already have one, which we bought during previous outing. Childish yes?
well who knows..."that random" turned to something awesome! ermmm.. "Random Awesome"...yeah!

i SMILE a lot,
i LAUGH happier,
i LOVE what we done,
i don't know what is up with me?
coz i just finished all my exams recently maybe.

lets pic tell the story. happy?
the setting:
venue: bukit kepong
time: 6.00 pm-7.30pm

my friends and i
with my green shirt on
and thier confident free style
to watch something random
and the rest.........is history!

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