Mar 7, 2011

Moderate in Everything

Salam..Selamat Sejahtera

Sometimes things/people that I used to hate will turn to something which i love most.

Last three years ago, I got an offer to further my study at Asasi UIA in ENGINEERING field.. At that time, I had no idea, what I'm gonna do with my engineering scroll in future? What to learn? Any Maths include? Who is engineer I know? Are they cool? So many questions coming out from my bloody head. I hate myself because I cannot answer any of them. I hate myself because not capable so get good result in SPM, to get good Course, to get good Work so that I can earn lot of money. Again why I got engineering?? Why not medical?? Why not other??

Today, at the moment I type this post, I'm totally in love with engineering? Why? I stick with the quote below. Also I agree with the pepatah melayu said tak kenal maka tak cinta!

Betol tak ape dia kate? aku setuju!

Sometimes things/people that I used to love will turn to something which i hate most

Example 2:
I used to hate a guy i-know-who. As time pass by, what to say ermmm i fall in his way. Again, by time I hate dislike him back. Why Allah?? Tell me why You do this?>>>Hanim,  please refer back to Al-Quran, never bersangka buruk dengan Allah. I don't know, what Allah has changed? His face or my heart. (I'm sure, Allah has changed my heart.)

Allah know the best for me, compare to myself. I believe that once you declare to be His slave, or His khalifah, you will never get disappointed by Him.

"Cintailah kekasihmu sekadarnya, siapa tahu ia akan menjadi musuhmu suatu hari nanti. Dan  bencilah musuhmu sekadarnya, siapa tahi ia akan menjadi kekasihmu suatu hari nanti"

-Sayidina Ali bin Abi Talib

p/s:  a guy i-know-who is my personal business. No body knows him. just don't try guess who. I say no to all your answer

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